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Bali is a beatiful island and it has a several name to represent itself, such as The Island of God, Paradise Island, The Island of a Thousand Temple and so on. Bali is an island with a tropical climate because it's position is beyond the equator. For the people who have visited, they just like the weather. The island has a lot of beautiful spot to explore: the beach, the lake, the mount, the hill, the paddy terrace (this is one of traditional irrigation system), the landscape. To reach all of the spot, you do not need lots of days to take. Because the island spread from east to west about 250 kilometers, and from north to south about 200 kilometers (about 5,000 square kilometers width). Even for the two most popular beach: Kuta on the west side to Sanur on the east side, you just need a half an hour to take, and to go to the lake, just take one hour from the city of Denpasar (the capital of Bali).

The religion of the Balinese is Hindu Bali, which is the main influence of their culture, and it is a little bit differ from the Hinduism in India. Basicly they are the same, but in Bali it become a new kind of stream because of the acculturation with the local genious. This generate the culture and the arts of living. We can see and find the real life culture, not just a festival by an event organizer serve for the tourists. They just live their life just it does. With the global modernisation, they still do what the ancient have done, of course with a different style but still in the line. We can see almost every day of traditional ritual they do, and there are so many holidays and special sacred days they have (I'll explain about the unique and sophisticated calendar they have in the next post). For Example : Galungan, Kuningan, Saraswati, Pagerwesi, Nyepi, Siwaratri, Tumpek Landep, Tumpek Kandang, Kajeng Kliwon, Anggar Kasih. I'll give an illustration like this : if the intenational calendar has a group of days called week, which contains of seven days (sunday, monday, tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday). In the balinese calendar week is similar to Sapta Wara, contains of seven days (Redite, soma, anggara, buda, wraspati, sukra,saniscara). But, not just Sapta Wara, they also have another nine kind of wara: Eka wara contains of one day, Dwi Wara contains two days until Dasa Wara contains ten days. So, there are ten group of days they have, compare to just one group of days (called week) in international calendar. Isn't that sophisticated?
And that was just a beginning. Because there are another kind of the period of days they also have, they also have a system that called WUKU (week) which contains 30 weeks, and each week has a name. This system usually be used for the anniversary of the temple called Odalan and for the birthday, combined with the Sapta wara and panca wara, and it makes more complex and sophisticated. Globally, they used a lunar and solar system to be combined. Another society use only one system, a lunar or solar system.
So, enjoy your trip, and you'll never loose the events because there are a lot of ritual events almost everyday. See you in the next story.